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  • Deep Down the Lake

    Available from 2021/04/16 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/23 00:00 CEST

    The story of Ophelia in Hamlet and the painting of her by Sir John Everett Millais moves me deeply because of the beauty combined with sadness. The dead and broken leaves around the girl in the video is to give the impression of the river where Ophelia fell into while picking flowers. The book said that she slowly drowned, singing all the while and I imagined what she would have sung about and sang my version of it thinking of her sad short life. I portrayed the young girl's death using beautiful images but with a sad and chilling undertone.

    Directed by: Wooyoung Ahn
    Country: South Korea
    Runtime: 4 min
    Project type: Horror, Videoart

  • Seven Thousand Souls

    Available from 2021/04/15 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/22 00:00 CEST

    SEVEN THOUSAND SOULS is a documentary - a feature film about the suffering of Serbian and Russian soldiers and interned civilians in Austro-Hungarian camps on the territory of today's Czech Republic, Jindrihovice and Broumov. The camps had about 500 facilities where there were about 60,000 prisoners of war.
    Extremely difficult working conditions, no food, no shoes and clothes, winter and infectious diseases, all this affected the fact that 7,100 Serbs did not survive the camps. There is a mausoleum in Jindrihovice where the remains are

    Directed by: Sanjin Miric
    Country: Czech Republic
    Runtime: 58 min
    Project type: Documentary

  • The Longer Route

    Available from 2021/04/14 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/21 00:00 CEST

    Carrie’s world is a nasty one, full of low-life men. First among these is her amoral father who has no qualms at all about exploiting her in the worst possible way. So it’s some relief when Carrie heads off for the weekend with the lovely Eric. He’s handsome, French, attentive, she likes him a lot – and the feeling is mutual. A little romance isn’t too much to ask, is it? But nothing in this murky drama, shot in black and white, is ever that simple. Dangers lurk in the shadows, adding to the suspense, and we’re never quite sure who can be trusted.

    Directed by: Albert Sindutomo
    Country: Australia
    Runtime: 12 min
    Project type: Drama

  • Family Routine

    Available from 2021/04/13 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/20 00:00 CEST

    A short fiction film about an unemployed Egyptian youth with an artistic talent appeared from a young age, suffering the concerns of fear of societal punishment, by pursuing frequent nightmares of him and because of this he is fighting a struggle with himself in order to forget his old talent passion and during his routine for a crucial day followed by a bureaucratic job interview does not relate to the field of his talent, we see the articulated moments of his life that were the basis for forming the features of his personality and also a source of his internal concerns.

    Directed by: Ahmed Hamed
    Country: Egypt
    Runtime: 21 min
    Project type: Drama

  • Acting Weak

    Available from 2021/04/12 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/19 00:00 CEST

    90 years old Naomi almost died.
    She portrayed a character of a weak helpless woman, reluctantly enacting her greatest fear: losing control. Little did she know that she would suffer the same fate only weeks later. The film depicts a universal and personal journey on the inevitable victory of body over spirit.

    Directed by: Maayan Schwartz
    Country: Israel
    Runtime: 10 min
    Project type: Documentary

  • The Haven

    Available from 2021/04/11 00:00 CEST
    to 2021/04/18 00:00 CEST

    The Haven takes place in the communal laundry house; typical to Swedish housing complexes and a kind of frame of mind for ordinary life. The laundry house is not only a warm and temporary safe space, it is also a place where it is possible to be somebody else, for a couple of hours. In an uncertain and vanishing existence, simple everyday routines - like doing laundry - becomes a way to hold on, and to belong.

    Directed by: Petronella Petander
    Country: Sweden
    Runtime: 19 min
    Project type: Experimental

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