Chapter 1: Bloody Riot – When the Blood Hits the Fan

Period. Bloody Riot is the first part of this controversial animated series which focuses on the hidden griefs of menstruation. If you haven’t fled for the hills and have continued reading until now, know that this short, bizarre story will take you through all the phases of menstruation and its many intricacies. Situations which men can only imagine. Everything you never wanted to know. Situations which men can only barely fathom. Long live the blood.
Who dunnit?

Chapter 2: Eco Escort – Disposable Love

The second part, entitled Eco Escort, focuses on ecology and the question of proper recycling and is as controversial and riotous as the first. The main issues are plastics, needless waste and improper recycling. Recycling has become a key aspect of our future and is also entangled with the future of The Canal – a night club whose clients get the honor of being pampered and lavished with one-use products. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, our main heroine, the menstrual pad, finds herself in this brothel where one-use products are used and abused, and not even properly recycled. She finds out the harrowing truth.
Come and let yourself be pampered.

Bloody Riot

Marcela Drobná, Tereza Kajabová

An edgy and comical animated series focusing on the most controversial but important topics. Questions of womanhood, ecology, recycling, migration, LGBT, sex changes, coronaviruses and other mishaps.