Greater Jewelry Centre is a solo project by a musician recording as Goro White Dog and a member of the Prague electronic group Ethno Service whose production is distinguished by combining percussive beats, dark dub lines, and ingenious samples. On this album, however, you could hardly find the beat of a human heart resorting to the warm womb of the tribal community. Here, everything is done in a fiercer, more mechanical, colder manner. Irregular, nervous beats alternate with agonic ambient styling. Heavy, cast-iron thuds evoke a post-industrial place of distress, decay and danger, which is paradoxically made familiar by ironic echoes of civilization. You can hear the steam being slowly let off an unclear signal buzzing, or a rat’s giggle. Someone rattled the crate of beers; there is an abandoned grindstone running in the next room. In such a dehumanized world, distortion feels almost gentle. Music of the present.

    Cover photo: Tomáš Kostěnec, Honza Mudra

    Text: Martin Lukáš

    Formats: MP3, Wav